Dear Alexis,

I wish I could spare you this ugly exhibition of American sadism towards female sexuality.  The last time I felt this sick was for Deborah Jeane Palfrey, and then when she didn't survive, my heart broke.  I see through those who say you had a double life.  What they mean is, you led an open life addressing needs that don't fit into their narrow ideals.  Insisting on ideals doesn't change the facts on the ground.  All it does is deprive those who need your services of any hope.

On the other hand, as we all know, men treat women like whores all the time.  It's only when she asks to be paid like a whore that the Church Sponsored Righteous Law intervenes (to save the boy from manning up).

Being a Zumba instructor, I know you use the principles of kinetic learning.  The body also carries kinetic memory.  Thanks to the Church and Freud, any child rapist operates under a cloak of privacy.  "Let them work it out among themselves."  What harm could a little naughty excursion do to an ignorant child?  "Jesus forgives, we won't mention it again."  Children don't know what's being done to them, so what have they lost?  For one, the "first kiss" and falling in love experience will never happen for that child.  The body remembers and is overcome by the fight or flight response.  Even adults have difficulty re-entering relationships after a nasty divorce.  But for adults that's an event along the road.  For a raped child, that's where she begins.  There's no end to the cruelty of people who fail to protect children and then turn around and abhor the results.  Not that this applies to you, but it's one of the many reasons people need whores.

I don't know why some men feel that they are no better than dogs, and so to be intimate they have to identify with dogs.  There might be some reasons beyond their control, or it might be God bringing down the guilty.  But, as I've been told many times, the business of being a whore is to be a mirror.  The web is full of these pathetic arrogant perverts "owning you", as if it's not their own shame on display.  Just another example of projecting rather than owning moral agency.  "He's not responsible for his own's all the whore."  What wives don't realize is that blaming the whore is how he gets away with it.....over and over.  Whores expose her powerlessness, but they are not the cause of it.  If you put out for a boy, that's all you'll end up with, even if you marry him.  Don't blame the whore.   She's challenging him to be more than a boy, that's what makes her compelling.

No one is judged by the worst thing they ever did in their lives, except a whore.  No group is judged by the worst thing any one of them ever did, except for whores.  But don't think that Jesus judges you by the hypocrite ways of the world.  Remember your acts of generosity and kindness, and most of all, your courage to be compassionate to the despicable.  Who taught you how to do that?  Jesus will know, but I for one believe that it was no other than Jesus.

Whores assert their sexual value despite the hate.  And because that's more than any raped child can do, Whores are Heroes in their eyes.  Alexis Wright, American Hero.  Because Heaven is a rape free zone, no rapists get in.  Heaven is the only safe place for whores.  And it's where our heroes belong.  That's why Jesus has given me the heart to come after you;  no whore left behind!

God Bless you by Jesus who loves you and greetings from all the whores in heaven,

the wife at God Save



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